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PositivityFind a lost love

The surprising Slimdoo® Spirit pendant was developed in Asia, according to ancient Feng Shui traditions. Blessed by Sages, the magnificent central Mandala can generate very positive energy and really help you in terms of well-being. This superb piece of unisex jewellery can not only harmonise your life, but those of your loved ones too! The ideal good luck charm and a perfect gift idea. Recommended to resolve complicated amorous situations, to bring back a lost loved one, become more attractive and rediscover the happiness one finds when in a couple! ***


Wear this powerful lucky pendant: on your person, on your doors, on your keyring, in your vehicle: you will be actively participating in the positive harmonisation of your environment thanks to the radiations of shapes, structures and colours from the Mandala contained in the heart of the piece. Le Slimdoo® Spirit is fixed to a superbly worked base and covered with a magnificent , light and solid piece of glass (with ecological glue). Ordering this piece couldn't be easier (on our secured site), delivery is fast (shipments from France) and our customer service is always at your disposal throughout the process.***

Good vibrationsSuccess

With a view to minimising the risks of allergies, this mystical pendant is supplied with a beautiful 50 cm stainless steel chain (nickel free). Also included in the small velvet pouch: a 5cm, an additional black collar necklace, and a keyring in zamac. You can use the Mandala in a range of ways. Put it on your person, place it in your place of work, on the walls of your apartment, on your child's desk and even in your bed. Multiply your chances of attracting the right vibrations and start a new cycle of life, full of success and happiness.***

Desired effects of a lucky-charm pendant with a Mandala:

Generate positive waves

Attract luck and success

Find love and happiness

Anti-stress effect

Harmonise your life

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